Tinnitus Stress – The Relation Between Stress and Tinnitus


Hypothalamus and related structures in the brain, such as Pons, the basal cisterns, the pituitary fossa, the corpus callosum, the ventricular system and the brain stem, all play a part in causing stress related tinnitus.

Man feeling stressed


Why it appears

The hypothalamus and the organs are responsible for producing essential chemicals needed to make us function normally. These are controlled by the brain.

Sometimes the hypothalamus can be affected by grief, shock and long continued stress periods.

When someone is subjected to a long period of stress, shock or grief, these essential chemicals are not produced through the hypothalamus as normal. Many types of unhealthy conditions could occur and tinnitus is just one of those.


How to Treat It

The best way to treat stress related tinnitus symptoms is to remove or change the conditions or situations which are causing the symptoms. Next you need to bring the hypothalamus in to action again. One of these jobs is to make those much needed traces of elements and chemicals.


What Noises You Can Hear

In the condition of stress related tinnitus, you can hear whistling noises, ringing sounds, whizzing as well as whooshing sounds. Rushing and roaring sounds can also be heard.



There was such a large amount of people who reported tinnitus in the past that researchers began to look for reasons why this issue occured. One scientific thought that since stress is reported in the developed countries more often, perhaps tinnitus could be correlated with these findings.

To locate a link between stress and tinnitus, scientists set out to discover the possibility that stress could lead to tinnitus or ringing in the ears. Finding the proven link between ears and stress required lots of in depth research and questionnaires.

In response to questions linked to work and home lifestyle stresses, respondents were asked three questions regarding their hearing health. These three questions focussed on tinnitus and the ability to hear normal conversations.

A narrow relationship exists between stress and tinnitus. What this means is that these respondents that reported extra stress, especially in those areas of poor sleep and ill health, also had complaints about tinnitus.

Men and women both show similar results and both men and women reported that the tinnitus symptoms seemed worse when their health status was lower than normal. You may be wondering how your own lifestyle is affecting your quality of hearing.

The way to evaluate your hearing capability is to visit an approved audiologist or hearing aid specialist to get a hearing exam. Once there, you could let your provider know of your hearing concern and discuss strategies to decrease stress in your day to day life. You may find these steps improve your lifestyle and may also improve your hearing and decrease tinnitus.

Now you should rearrange your lifestyle and avoid all the activities which make you stressed. As a result of taking these steps and reducing the stress in your life, you will be relieved of tinnitus.

If you still have the hearing issues you should take advice from you doctor.


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