Tinnitus Medication – The Side Effects



A high pitched steady ringing is the usual effect of tinnitus. Another symptom is buzzing in the ears and this sound can vary in intensity when changing the body’s position.

The clicking sound might indicates a nerve and muscle abnormality. In all situations you need medication.



It is vital for the person suffering from tinnitus to be evaluated to ensure they are not suffering from another more serious problem. This will also ensure that you will not make use of the wrong medication.

In addition, he should be evaluated and other specialized tests could be recommended.

A hearing test can help give more information about the possible cause of tinnitus. Brain imaging by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as well as computed tomography (CT) scan may also help, depending upon the reports of the medical history as well as the physical examination. If it confirms tinnitus then you should go for medication.


Supportive Methods

The good news is that there are many remedies anyone can do themselves that will help stop ringing in the ears.

The Relaxing Method is simple. There are situations in which the tinnitus is caused by stress. In this scenario, you simply relax yourself so you can stop noisy sounds.

Using Maskers you can easily deal with the buzz in your ears and drown it with another sound. Wearable sound generators are small electronic devices that fit in the ear and use a pleasant and soft sound to help mask tinnitus.

Seeking doctor’s advice is really useful. It is recommended to get in touch with the doctor when the sound starts following a concussion.

Tinnitus doesn’t have a cure yet but treatments that help many patients cope better with the condition are available.


Types of Medication

Medication for Tinnitus comes in different forms although their key intentions are to deal with other conditions.

First off, you should understand that though some drugs count under the tinnitus medication, they are not mainly for the said condition. Meaning, they are meant for something else; they just occur to indirectly lessen the symptoms of tinnitus.

Here’s a quick list of the common tinnitus medication:

As you know, Benadryl is an antihistamine. This can be bought without prescription to treat allergies. Compared with other medication, Benadryl has fewer side effects. Some doctors recommend taking it when they suspect the person hears ringing or buzzing due to an allergy.

Klonopin, Valium, and Xanax are all drugs which were originally formulated to treat anxiety and depression. However, sometimes they are prescribed to lower the volume of irritating noises in the ears. The problems with these drugs is that they are like antihistamines. They may as well encourage drug dependency. They are absolutely not good for people who need to stay attentive for their jobs.None of them can definately make tinnitus go away.

Phenytoin, Tegretol, Valporic Acid, Primidone are collectively recognized as anticonvulsants. All these have shown some efficiency when it comes to tinnitus. However, may also come with risky side effects that can badly put your health at risk.



These are the drugs commonly used as medication to treat tinnitus. Having learned of brief descriptions, you already have an idea whether the profit of taking them outweigh the risks.

Instead of wasting your time and money on something synthetic and harmful, why not go natural instead?


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